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In a market structure is understandable that those who come to this reality, should be supported by trained and professionally prepared.
Mediations Vallicasa, providing ongoing support, undertakes to work always with seriousness and honesty.

We are on the territory of Bergamo in the seats of Zogno, Serina, Foppolo and St. Omobono Terme. We deal with global consulting and brokerage for sales and rental of residential, commercial and industrial. Consult us without obligation to obtain an assessment of your property. Thanks to our store database properties, You will have a wide range of real estate offers available now to find your ideal home or you can see the buildings that will soon be available. Also, if you do not find something of interest, describe it and we will activate to search the home of your dreams: the house that you have imagined will take shape.

Rental and sale of property, Real Estate Consulting, Contractual assistance for our customers, Free evaluation of your property, Pieces of real, Energy Certification.

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