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For home buyers


Lots of real estate proposals
Thanks to our store database properties, You will have a wide range of real estate offers available now to find your ideal home or you can see the buildings that will soon be available. Also, if you do not find something of interest, describe it and we will activate to search the home of your dreams: the house that you have imagined will take shape.

Cadastral and mortgage free
Thanks to a special agreement with the Land Agency, we are able to perform the cadastral ( statement of the cadastral income of a property), the legal information mortgage ( certification of enrollment and transcripts of a property such constraints, mortgages, etc. ..) and cadastral volture (cadastral updating of the current owners) all for free and completely online: a service that very few agencies to carry out their buyers.

Agreements with lenders for loans and subsidized loans
Together with you we will evaluate proposals for funding of financial institutions and institutes affiliated to us of your interest , and select the best loan terms in force and personalizing them according to your needs.

Guarantees and after-sales assistance also
The Mediations Vallicasa provides assistance to the notarial deed and beyond, because every satisfied customer is our satisfaction. Also you can always count on Mediations Vallicasa even after all 'purchase of your property

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