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The company was established in 1984 in Zogno Adobati by Angel from a successful career in the, The Mediation Vallicasa has built a solid foundation in the valley of Bergamo, which elevates the company to be primeggiante in a professional and specializes in real estate brokerage.

In 1990, The growth obtained hitherto, opens a branch in the heart of Serina, Pearl homonymous valley , only agency still locally, becoming in a short time, undisputed cornerstone for Buyers, sell or rent your dwelling places.

Driven by the huge success of Serina and galvanized by the strong desire to get involved, in 1992 opens a new branch in Foppolo, predominant goal of many skiing enthusiasts. Also here is still predominant and undisputed success of this subsidiary had since the only places in the.

Up to now we have grown thanks to the trust of our customers. We are cast into a system that requires great professionalism, and through the trade association to which we belong, We are representatives of this wonderful activity.

I wish you all a good visit on our site.

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